The Landlady by Roal Dahl

The Landlady is a short fiction written by Roald Dahl. It tells the story of young William Weaver and his trip to a new town where he will begin a new job. Against his advice he seeks out a different hotel, a bed and breakfast. He is welcomed inside by a humble woman with a warm house, but as he enterse the house he notices something is wrong. The woman seems to be holding a small quantity of suffed animals, which apparently, she has stuffed herself. During the years there have only been two visitors, both whom which have stayed for several years. As he learns more and more secrets about this house, the mysterys only seems to grow. Roald Dahl really captures the reader and puts you in the action. He exquisitely describes the surroundings which creates a good picture both of the setting and the mood. The story includes suspense, surprise and a good bit of mystery. You could really tell this was a novel because it was set in a short period of time, there were few characters and the reader was put right into the action of the story. I highly recommend that you read this story as it is suspensful, surprising and a good novel overall.

I recently watched Tales of the Unexpected, The Landlady, the movie adaptation of Roald Dahls book. Personally I prefer the movie because it contains important details that are not included in the book, although some of the details where quite obivous. It’s a whole different thing to imagine a setting of a book, and for some it might be more difficult to accomplish. I really like both the  text and the movie. I think that Roald Dahl was a very profound writer, and he truly understood the concept of writing scary and creepy stories. Allthough I like this story, my favourite book written by Roald Dahl is The Witches. I read it a while back and it gave me a good scare. Roald Dahl is one of the most accomplished writers in english history, writing stories both for children and adults.

Landlady 1Landlady



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