Trip to Kolsåstoppen

Kolsåstoppen is a famous mountain in Bærum. Many geologists travel there to study the rock types. At Kolsåstoppen you find a lot of Rombeporfyr which is a rock you dont find many other places. As a school project in Geography we traveled there to study the rock types. Luckly our english teacher was kind enough to let us do the trip in her class, if not we must’ve done it in our free time. It was a tough climb to the top, but the amazing view more then compensated. It’s a really nice trip and i can recommend anyone with a little spare time to travel there. The name Kolsås originates from the words coal (kull) and hill (ås). Kolsåstoppen is about 350 meters above sea level. The hill is a famous climbing spot, used by many local clubs. We actually saw a few climbers on our “climb” up. In the picture below you see the famous rock Rombeporfyr (the picture with a foot resting on it). Hope you found this text interesting 🙂KolsåstoppenRombeporfyr


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