Technology at school

At Sandvika high school we use a lot of technology each day. As a matter of fact we can’t even read in our textbooks without the use of a PC. My class (along with a few others) is part of a new project where we read all our books online on a webpage called It’s really nice not having to drag a heavy schoolbag around all day. All the students have their own personal computers (that’s what PC stands for) which either their family or themselves have bought.

I went out before school started and bought the Microsoft Surface 3 (out of own pocket). This included the keyboard, but I later went back and bought the pen as well. Take notes, write directly on the screen, and even record a lecture at the same time. With up to 10 hours of battery life for video playback, Surface 3 lasts through your movie marathon (or all your classes). The screen size is 10.8 inches and the resolution is 1920 x 1280 Full HD Plus. With an Intel® Atom™ x7 processor and either 64 or 128 GB, this small but powerful computer gets the schoolwork done.

Surface 3 with pen

We use computers in all of our assignments, including Math, English, Spanish, Geography and so on. It can have downsides though. Sometimes some of the webpages or programs don’t work properly. This is often easy to fix as we have IT support all day, down by the library.

Our school is modern and new, the classrooms have highly modern whiteboards and projectors, and the “main hall” is long and wide. Windows in the roof let in a lot of light so we never have a dark day.School stairwaySchool hallway


17 thoughts on “Technology at school

  1. Our schools are similar,we use our tablets and laptops to,I find it so much easier but there is also the struggle of the wifi not working,I go to a school in Johannesburg,Dainfern college.But due the the fact of our country struggles not everyone here would be able to afford the tablets and I think if we are we should be very greatfull for the opportunity to do this,I liked your post and look forward to reading more.

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    1. Hey Zeare! So cool to chat with a person that lives so far away from my country. Here in Norway we are truly spoiled when it comes to technology. Actually we are spoiled in when it comes to money in general. Nearly everyone in my class has a mac for their school pc (and mac’s are quite exspensive). It’s sad to see all my fellow students spend all their time on their expensive mac’s and iPhones. I hope to speak more to you soon. Until then, have a nice evening 🙂


    2. Hi, I’m another student from Sandvika. There are some people who have WiFi problems here too, but not often. Like Will said, we’re really spoiled here in Norway. It makes me sad to hear about other countries where people may not afford the same things as we do, and it’s really unfair. Here at Sandvika, we’re collecting money in order to give them to a poor village in Africa. We’ve helped them build a classroom with computers. It feels good to help people get access to technology.

      I hope that more people at your school will be able to afford tablets in the future. Have a good day!

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  2. Hey Willian,
    I am impressed by your vocabulary since English is not your first language. As a homework assignment for History we had to read and comment on one of the blogs of your school. In our school we do no use technology as much as in your school as we still use workbooks, however, we do use technology for certain things such as viewing reports and doing homework activities. In South Africa, there is only technology in certain schools as many underprivileged people cannot afford technology, however, it is becoming more prevalent in our society.
    – Johannesburg, South Africa

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    1. Hey Victor! So cool to chat with a person that lives so far away from my country. I thank you for the kind words about my english. Here in Norway we are truly spoiled when it comes to technology. Actually we are spoiled in when it comes to money in general. Nearly everyone in my class has a mac for their school pc (and mac’s are quite exspensive). I hope to speak more to you soon. Until then, have a nice evening 🙂


  3. i think this is cool what you guys do how you dont have to bring all your books around but i battle alot with technology.

    our school our tablets are just there for reasearch and standby and sometimes projects and our wifi is average wich has many problems thanks to the new IT guy.
    hows your wifi?


    1. Hello Sebastian! Our Wifi at school is mostly stable, but some people might experience minor issues such as connection failure or just simply a bad connection. Although the Wifi here is good I think that the Wifi I have home is both further reaching and stronger. How is your school? Can you tell me a little bit more about it? Look forward to speaking to you again 🙂


  4. Hello William,

    My school is not as advanced in technology as yours but this is due to our economy in South Africa. We possess numerous technology in comparison to the majorities of the schools in this country. The devices that are use in my school are tablets mostly Ipads we also have computer labs. We still currently use text works for the purpose of learning, studying, classroom activities etc. The things that are completed by technology are projects, article, posters etc. Hope in the further we would be able to have an economy able to accommodate the level of technology in your school. Hope to communicate to you soon, goodbye.


    1. Hello Praise! Really interesting to hear about your school and the technology you use. Here in Norway we are all spoiled and few of us realize how much we are given. The technology here is top notch and there is really nothing to improve. I hope your economy can improve so you may have all the tools and technology needed. Hope to speak to you again soon 🙂


  5. i think its really cool that you use your laptops for everything! here in Australia we use our laptops for most subjects but we use textbooks and workbooks in subjects like maths and sometimes history. Sometimes we have problems with our laptops but we have help from ‘The Hive’ which is where we go to get help with things like printing and wifi.

    Do you still use books for maths or is everything on your pc’s?


    1. We read all our books on our PC’s, including math, although we write in books when we do the tasks. I like the fact that we write by hand at least in one subject. We have an IT depatment where we can get help with computer and Wifi problems. I belive this may be something like your “Hive”. Tell me more about it 😀

      Sincerely William


  6. Hi! The way you study over there sounds really nice and interesting! I leave in Greece where we still use books in classrooms and only teachers use computers and the projectors to show us several things about our subjects. Students use the classroums’ computers only to present a presentation they’ve made about a subject or something interesting they’ve found. I would really like to attend the lessons the way you do over there.

    Chara Zaganidou (Greece, Thessaloniki, 14) 🙂


    1. Hi Chara! Really interesting to hear about how it is over at your school. We had quite the same system at my previous school. We had schoolPC’s which we could use if we had a project or presentation. On the school which I attend to now, we all have our own computers. William Dalstø (Norway, Asker, 16) 🙂


  7. Hey Will, It’s B-dawg again. Our Ontarian School is starting the make the transition to all electronic work. I’m a little afraid of it, for example if the power goes out or I walk to close to a magnet all the work is gone and the school would be at a stand still while they try and figure something out. Do you like having all your classes and work reliant on electronic devices or not?
    P.S. : Not to stereotype you as a typical Norwegian, but do you do biathlon? I heard the sport is very big over there and I am currently the third best in Canada for senior boys and was just interested to see how “big” the sport actually is over there.

    P.P.S. : If you want to hit me up (that is slang for follow) on Instagram it’s @Braden.loh follow for follow maybe? Alright i’m done. See ya!


    1. Hey B-Dawg. Technological and electronic failure is a rare thing and most problems are usually caused by bad internet connection, not equipment failure. Of course the computer can shut down due to an uncharged battery, but most often you can bring back unsaved documents and files that weren’t saved properly. For me it works fine having my classes and work reliant on electronic devices, mostly because I have a second pc at home to use in case my school pc dies.

      I don’t do biathlon, but it’s definitely a popular sport here in Norway. I know a couple of people who do it and in the winter it’s a big part of television as the “winter Olympic games” begin and Norway are one of the top contestants. It’s definitely one of the bigger sports (or one we are good at) in Norway.

      I couldn’t find you on twitter so if u follow me I will follow you back 🙂 my name is @Willteachesyou.

      Some questions:
      Is Canadian money water proof?

      If you rub Canadian money, does it smell like maple syrup?

      How often do you say “eh”?

      Have Canada ever been to war?

      How often do you eat maple syrup?

      I think that’s enough for you to chew on for now. Stay safe 😀


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