Technology In Our Class: Part 2

This is the second post I have written about the technology we use at Sandvika VGS. Today we made a movie, where me and my friend Ruben were the starring actors. The class was divided into two groups, who each made their own video about different subjects. We had directors, editors, cameracrew, and actors working on this project, and we had a really good time. 

The movies is about an exchange student named James who is from England. He arrives at Sandvika VGS and bumps into William, a Norwegian student attending the high-school. William shows Ruben around and teaches him about how they use technology in their schoolday, and he shows him what type of PC he owns, what kind of programs they use etc.

We had a really great time today and if you want to learn more about how I use technology in my daily life, check out my earlier post about how I use technology.

Technology in School



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