Comparing two articles from different news papers

We chose articles from “the guardian” and “The wall street journal” who were both from the UK. In the article, french taxi drivers protested against so-called car-hailing apps which give the user easy access to taxi services. The only problem was that the taxi drivers had to drive back to their garage after they had driven their customer to their desired location. They didn’t get any pay for this drive and this is one of the reasons they went on a strike.

More than 2 000 taxi drivers protested the 27th of January and more than 20 were arrested by the french police. The protesters burnt tires in the roads and created blockades out of their taxies. The protest disrupted the traffic across France, including around Parisian airports and national railway stations.

The way the two articles are written is visible from the start, as “The Wall street Journal” is more centered around the actual event. In comparison, “The Guardian” however, is more interested in the bigger picture. They say that this is just one of many protests concerning the french economy, and involve the french president, Francois Hollande. It would seem that “the Wall Street Journal” is a lot more focused on the fact that the taxi drivers want to remove these car-hailing apps, and their article is written very objectively. “The Guardian” takes a different route, making it slightly more personal by mentioning the unemployment rate in France. At the end of the latter article, they say that Hollande must do something about this, showing that they take a slightly liberal view of the situation.



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